After The Rain

After The Rain

Food Detective Test

Food Detective is a point-of-care test for IgG antibodies which can be associated with food sensitivity. It gives quick results empowering you to take control of your health.

Our Food Detective® product tests for sensitivities across 59 common foods

Many people experience an improvement in symptoms and health after changing their diet based on their Food Detective results.

Reduce Symptoms such as

  • The test and Dietary Support Guide £99

Food Detective Test + Optimal Gut Support

Food sensitivity testing is one suggested strategy alongside the following:

Strategies to improve barrier integrity and re-establish functional digestive system will be bespoke to each client and it is suggested that specialist gut health, diet & lifestyle advice sought from our Naturopath Lucille Cowell in addition to this test.

  • Food Detective Test + thorough nutritional advice as above £175

Food Print Test

For a more in depth test the Food Print is a food sensitivity IgG antibody test, analysing up to 207 foods and drinks and trusted by more than 120 laboratories worldwide.

My health tracker app gives you:

  • Food Print 120+ foods £230

  • Food Print 200+ foods £275